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Mystical Fairy Door

The Mystical Fairy Door is very suitable for outdoor use.  Attached to the base of your tree, it provides the fairies with an entry to a magical place to hang their tiny hats at night!  This cute, hand-painted resin decoration depicts a rounded wooden door set into a knobby, lichen-speckled fame. On one side of the doorframe, a green vine has begun to grow, its length just stretching past the lintel, and in the center of the door is a small brass mail slot.

The Mystical Fairy Door also pairs well with the Fairy Windows (Set of 2), to complete the scene. The Mystical Fairy Door is from the Enchanted Story Collection

Key Features:

  • Beautifully hand-painted in vivid colors
  • Features a great deal of lifelike natural detail
  • Makes a perfect fairy garden accessory or stand-alone yard ornament


Cold Cast Resin


13cm H | 11.5cm W