Aelfdene's 'Peak Inside' Fairy Cottage - Solar

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Behold Aelfdene's enchanting fairy cottage!  While Aelfdene has gone frolicking in your garden we can take a moment to explore her surprising two storey home. There is a  tiny bedroom on the second level, accessed via the winding tree trunk staircase.  We can spy a little bed all made up and awaiting its owner.  The lower level shows a tiny fairy dining area.  Furniture is fixed, and a small attic is evident through the little windows in the leaf strewn roof.  Each level lights up with multiple LED lights.  This solar operated home will light automatically each evening at dusk, in anticipation of Aelfdene's return.  

Create a picturesque, enchanting fairy world in you own garden with Aelfene's 'Peak Inside' Fairy Cottage and bring the magic to your doorstep.


21cm | 19.5cm | 32.5cmH

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