Flower Garden Fairy Starter Kit - EverlastingPink

Create an instant fairy garden in no time at all with the Flower Garden Fairy Starter Kit. Everything is included to get you up and running as soon as you unpack the box!

The kits includes:

  • Fairy House with inbuilt Dining Area
  • Sitting Fairy
  • Fairy on Branch
  • Fairy Standing with Unicorn
  • Fairy Sleeping with Unicorn
  • Full set of five Forest Friends - hedgehog, rabbit, squirrel, wren, snail
  • Full set of Fairy Furniture - bench, table, seat
  • Fairy Message Box Letter Kit
  • Fairy Mail Box
  • Enchanted Fairy Garden Seeds

That's 16 delightful pieces to create your own fairy wonderland!

This fairy garden kit is an exciting addition to the Flower Garden Fairy Collection

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21cm Wide | 19cm Deep | 24cm High