Australian Fairy Garden Kit

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Just in, we're proud to announce this exciting new addition to our fairy garden range.  Finally, a fairy garden kit designed purposefully for our unique Australian gardens.   The beautiful Australian Fairy Cottage is adorned with Flowering Gum Blossoms, and has its own little door that can open and shut.  The kit includes everything you need to make a complete fairy garden straight out of the box.  Use your creativity, to position the pieces as you see fit - perhaps the animals are coming down for a drink at the watering hole, while the Green Elf near the cottage porch.  All you need add is your imagination. The Australian Fairy Garden Kit comprises of 14 quality pieces, including:

  • Australian Fairy Cottage with Opening Door
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Fence
  • Set of 4 Logs
  • Green Elf with Open Wings
  • Rustic Bench
  • Watering Hole
  • Kangaroo (Pose may differ)
  • Koala (Pose may differ)
  • Clothes Hoist
  • Water Well

All the items in the kit are made from durable PolyResin making them suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.


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