Bird's Foot Fairy

Beautifully hand painted Bird's Foot Flower Fairy figurine. Optional gold string and wire pick included for securing in your display. Individually packaged in its own window display box that includes a biography of the artist, Cicely Mary Barker.

Bird's Foot Fairy
Her very first ball!
Little Bird's-foot Trefoil performs at her very first ball. Grasshopppers chirp a lively tune and hoppetty-hop the fairy is off. Hop! Skip! Jump! She is up well past her bedtime, but she does not make one mistake. Concentrating hard, she prances round the fairy ring on her chubby, nimble legs to the country reel.

The Song of the Bird's Foot Fairies

Here I dance in a dress like flames,
And laugh to think of my comical names.
Hoppety hop, with nimble legs!
Some folks call me Bacon and Eggs!
While other people, it's really true,
Tell me I'm Cuckoo's Stockings too!
Over the hill I skip and prance;
I'm Lady's Slipper, and so I dance,
Not like a lady, grand and proud,
But to the grasshoppers' chirping loud.
My pods are shaped like a dicky's toes;
That is what Bird's-Foot Trefoil shows;
This is my name which grown-ups use,
But children may call me what they choose.

Book: Flower Fairies of the Summer

Approximate height: 5.5 cm
Made from: poly resin.