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Dragon Lawn Statue

Guard your kingdom with this magnificent gothic dragon to ward off intruders. 

You will love this cool dragon sculpture crafted in 3 pieces, huge head, large winged body and evil spiked tail, to make it appear to swim through your flower beds, mantlepiece, garden lawn or what have you! Space them apart a few inches to make the sculpture look larger and more realistic. They work well in straight lines or even in curves, giving you plenty of decorative options.

This dragon statue is made of real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin, hand painted and polished individually. Our flying/swimming style dragon decoration is topped with a UV resistant dark grey stone finish.


The Head: 24cm H | 11cm D | 17cm W
The Body: 17cm H | 14cm D |  24cm W
The Tail: 14cm H | 8cm D | 12cm W