Fairy Door with Lights

Fairies live in the garden
Watching you giggle and play
They grow flowers and help nature
Until the end of the day
But once night falls, fairies love to explore
Why not invite them inside
By using this Enchanted Fairy Door
Find a place in your home, maybe even your room
Sprinkle on your fairy dust, to help it illume
If you have been good, Fairies take great delight
Coming in through the door, as you sleep soundly at night
The fairies play games, they love having fun
Dancing and singing, until the rise of the sun
So if you have behaved, Fairies take great pleasure
Maybe leaving a tiny Fairy letter
Or even maybe some fairy treasure
  • The Fairy Door has LED lights!
  • Please note the Fairy Door does NOT open.
  • Dimensions: approx Height: 20cm  x Width: 13cm.
  • Suitable for ages 3+.
  • This door requires 2 x AA batteries (demo batteries included)

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