Cyndi Anemone Fairy

In the realm of the fairy world, all creatures are close to the essence that is life; charged with the duty of observing and guarding a particular species of flora and fauna. 

And this Miniature Cyndi Anemone Fairy spends her days relaxing upon her favourite spot in the leafy forest, sitting on an earthy, leafy bush. Dressed in beautiful violet, and her wings in soft pink, she blends in perfectly with her fellow anemone blooms in matching violet and bright fuchsia. 

Whether it be in your terrarium, whimsical fairy garden, or gnome village, let this beautiful fairy bring your miniature scene to life! Even display her on dressers, tables, shelves, and mantles, bringing the otherworldliness of the outdoors to your surroundings. 

None are more beautiful or graceful in flight than the whimsical fairies amongst us. And the artist of this lovely figurine, Linda Ravenscroft, agrees. "In my view, "Faerie" represents the natural world we live in, and whether you believe or not, they do have a place in our modern day society, in fact, their light is needed more now than it ever was before." 

Made of hand painted resin.

13.97 cm H