Skulls - Small - Set of 12

With the strong sense of spirit, wonderment, and otherworldliness in the fairy village, it is only right to celebrate the festive Halloween holiday in your fairy gardens! And the presentation of these Miniature Skeleton Skulls is a great way to start! These ghastly accessories will set the scene for your tombstones! 

A dozen decrepit, filthy, slowly eroding, cracked skeleton skulls reveal icky graveyard residues in their crevices. They are tensely awaiting to be taken out of their mesh bag to disgust and startle humans, fairies, gnomes, and an array of creatures, young and old! Wiggle them into the dirt, gravel, moss and grasses, or mulch in your fairy gardens, terrariums, dioramas, and other miniature scenes, and watch them come to life! 

These can also, of course, be incorporated with festive Halloween centerpieces and other special festive decor, indoors! Put them in your gargantuan bowl of sugary sweets, amongst creepy crawlers, and webs. Scatter them on tables! Sneak them into those goodie bags! Your guests will let out a shriek! With the application of a silicone sealant, many of these can adorn your festive cupcakes! Small holes at their tops and bottoms enable for possible connecting and attaching to strings or dowels! 

Do keep in mind, however, that miniature scenes come in all sizes. Some are big and some are quite small. Be sure to check the measurements of this item to confirm whether it will complement your miniature project. 

Made of plastic. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Dimensions: 2cm W x 2cm H