Haunted Door

Celebrate the autumn season by adding this Miniature Haunted Door to one of your tiny worlds! This spooky door features two jack o' lanterns along with a ghost haunting it, making it the perfect Halloween decoration. 

Place it in front of a tree or rock in a fairy garden to mark the home of one of your magical creatures. It could belong to a pixie or gnome who has dressed their house up for Halloween, but it could also be a haunted house, a witch's hut, or even an abandoned castle. Surround it classic spooky characters to create an entire Halloween village! 

Keep in mind that miniature scenes come in all sizes--some are big, and some are quite small. Be sure to check the measurements of this item to confirm whether it will complement your project. 

Made of resin.
Dimensions: 6.5cm W x 9cm H