Gnome Holding a Mushroom

This short but sweet Gnome on a Mushroom figurine cannot wait to get to work on your garden landscape!  

A gnome in classic garb with an emerald green worksuit and cerulean blue vest, large brown boots, and a sweet drooping red phrygian hat.  He greets you with a perfect red mushroom in hand, gazing up at your kindly with his rosy cheeks, large nose and full white beard.  

Nestle this charming fellow in your fairy gardens, terrariums, and other miniature scenes, and watch this gnome bring your miniature scene to life! Because of his red and green, feel free to give him a little bit of a Christmas flair! 

This gnome makes a charming scene when paired with his brothers, Gnome Sitting on a Mushroom and Gnome with Watering Can.  


4.5cm L x 4cm D x 8cmH

Price is for one gnome

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.