Skeleton Cat

Add a bit of spooky fun to your tiny worlds with this Miniature Day of the Dead Skeleton Cat! With its playful expression, this four-legged fellow seems to be enjoying the afterlife! 

Let this skeletal feline wander around your fairy garden, making friends with your pixies and gnomes as it explores. Perhaps it could get adopted by a witch or a family of skeletons! Add it to a collection of candy skulls, fruits, and other offerings on an altar for the Dia De Los Muertos. It will also look great as part of a tiny Halloween scene with other skeletons, vampires, monsters, and more! 

Keep in mind that miniature scenes come in all sizes--some are big, and some are quite small. Be sure to check the measurements of this item to confirm whether it will complement your project. 

Made of resin.
Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm