Bunnies Carrying a Nutshell Boat

Two darling little white bunnies are endearingly fumbling along as they work to transport an intricately grooved, shaded, and painted nutshell. They must be putting together some kind of shelter; perhaps a covering for their underground home! They must have been drawn to its sweet smell!

With these rabbits' positioning and demeanor, their flopping and relaxed ears at their backs and sides, their blushing pink extremities, and their newly discovered authentically corrugated and colored nut, collectors of miniatures and rabbit lovers, alike, will greatly appreciate the realistic details of this adorable bunny scene. Whether it be in your dollhouse's adorned yard, farm, whimsical fairy garden, or gnome village, let this Miniature Bunnies Carrying a Nutshell Figurine bring your miniature scene to life!

This little display is always simply welcome on your shelf, table, or desk, as well! Perhaps it can serve as a sweet "Just Because" gift for your dear friend or family member.

Hand Painted Polyresin

3cm H | 7.5cm L

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