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Buttercup Fairy House

Welcome to the sweet and joyous home of the delightful Buttercup Fairies!  Fairies of joy, fun and laughter!  They spread sunshine wherever they go!  They love to laugh, and will cheer any soul who needs a lift.

The Buttercup Fairies are always buzzing around and making sure everyone in Fairyland is happy. If they find a Fairy who is sad, they will always do their very fairy best to make them laugh. This may be by doing a funny fairy dance, singing a funny fairy song, or telling a very funny fairy story!  Also, if this does not work, they have a secret pocket full of magic fairy dust, that when sprinkled on a fairy's wings will tickle the fairy so much they can't stop laughing!

This beautiful handcrafted Fair Trade product was made in Nepal from 100% Australian wool.  

Available in lime/yellow or emerald/blue.

Dimensions: Approx. 20cm H x 16cm D x 16 cm W

Please read our felt care instructions

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