Fairy Letters - Tiny Mail Activity Kit

Create super-adorable tiny fairy letters and packages with the DIY Tiny Mail Activity Kit. Miniature envelopes, stationery, stamps, kraft boxes, and a fine-tipped pen make it easy to write heart-warming letters to the Tooth Fairy, or package one-of-a-kind tiny gifts for special occasions. The fairies already know that the best things do come in small packages!

Your kit includes:

Each kit contains materials to make 24 tiny letters, 6 tiny packages, and one 3D paper mailbox, including:

  • 72 tiny postage stamps
  • 24 stationery sheets
  • 24 mini-envelopes
  • 24 red enclosure stickers to seal up envelopes
  • 4 "Fragile / Tiny / Handle with Care" stickers
  • 4 "Special Delivery" stickers
  • 4 "Air Mail" stickers
  • 4 "This Side Up" stickers
  • 6 kraft boxes to make tiny packages
  • 6 copies of The Small Times newspaper
  • 6 sheets of kraft paper to wrap packages
  • 6 lengths of twine to tie packages
  • 1 fine-tipped black writing pen
  • 1 magnifying glass
  • 1 cut-out-and-make mini paper mailbox

Don't have the time or patience to write your own fairy correspondence? Let us do it for you! Ordering is super-easy! Just type your custom message into our online form and tell us where to send your personalised fairy letter. We'll make your teeny tiny letter by hand in our own Fairy Studio within 2-3 days. Then we'll mail it to you or directly to your lucky recipient.