Fairy Playground Kit

The fairies love to play, and this beautiful Fairy Playground Kit will provide them with many happy days of fun and games.  The kit is centred around a lovely leafy Gazebo, where the fairies can sit shaded from the sun.  Place the playground equipment around it for a charming place for the fairies to frolick and play - they won't be able to resist. All pieces are also available separately - just check out our Playground Collection

The kit includes:
  • Gazebo
  • Swing
  • Slide
  • Rocking Boat
  • See Saw

Premium Grade Cold Cast Polyresin, Hand Painted 

Gazebo - 
10.5cm D | 11cm W | 13.5cmH
Swing - 11.5cm L | 4cm D | 10cm H
Slide - 9cm L | 3.5cm W | 7.5cm H
Rocking Boat - 11cm L | 4cm W | 4.5cm H
See Saw - 12.5cm D | 4.5cm W | 4cm H

Care and Maintenance
For indoor and/or outdoor use. Exposure to the elements will eventually cause fading. To protect the look and longevity of your resin garden items, we suggest applying a UV-resistant protective finish on a yearly basis.

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