Felt Fairies

These beautiful felt fairies are truly exquisite. Hand felted in Nepal using 100% New Zealand wool, they are hand dyed, hand felted, and shaped into these three styles of beautiful fairies.

Fantastic teamed up with our Fairy Cave, you'll want the whole family. ... they can hide in their cave, fly through the air, dance in the flowers, and curl up on the pillow at snuggle down time. Being soft, thick and spongy, comfy yet robust too, the felt fairies are a wonderful product to play with, and display on your mantel or shelving.

We have Mama and baby fairies, a flying fairy, and a beautiful girl fairy in a cream dress.

Not just for the children, these are fantastic collectibles for all fairy lovers. Romantic, delightful fairies. These need to be seen, touched and marveled over, to really see how truly wonderful they are.

Only natural wool and non-toxic dyes are used, and measuring only as big as an adult's hand.

Hand wash only with sponge or dryclean.