Felt Flame Tree Rainbow Garland

Here's our version of the Australian native - the Illawarra Flame Tree. We've rainbow-fied it !!!

As the name suggests, it grows in the wild from the Illawarra area of southern coastal New South Wales north into Queensland and these trees support and feed a wide range of native animals; The branches offer a safe roosting place for canopy dwelling birds such as the White Headed Pigeon, and the leaves also feed the caterpillars of some native butterflies, including the Common Aeroplane, Tailed Emperor and Helenita Blue.

You can have a burst of colour with our version of the Flame Tree leaf in your own home! Wrap it around your teepee, draped over a bed-head, across a mantel, over your window or as nursery or bedroom decoration, or just about anywhere!

Hand felted in Nepal, using 100% NZ wool, they're hand-dyed, hand-felted, and stitched with love.

Notes: 2m including loops at end of felt string for easy hanging