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Flower Garden Fairies Sitting on a Branch - Pale Pink & Mint

More fairies from our Flower Garden Fairy Collection - these adorable fairies sit balanced on a branch, each with her own little companion.  One fairy is clasping a plump little robin wearing a little flower hat.  The other fairy is admiring a flower while a smaller robin gazes up at her.  With a clutch of small mushrooms at the base of each tree, these little sculptures will make a charming addition to your fairy garden. As they form an "archway" when placed together, they are ideal pieces to create a welcoming entry into your fairy garden or miniature scene.

These fairies wear gowns, one Pale Pink, the other Mint - but are also available in a Sky Blue & Pink colour variation.


Each figurine is 10cm |W  4.5cm D | 14cm H