Halloween Town Miniature Fairy Garden (Set Of 5)

Fairies in disguise? Tiny tricksters transform a planter pot or patch of garden bed into a whimsical Halloween otherworld. This five piece set includes Pumpkin Boy, Franken-Fellow, Witchy Woman, Cobblestone Bridge and Raven Sign.


Pumpkin Boy 2cm W | 2cm D | 6.5cm H
Franken-Fellow 2cm W | 2cm D | 6cm H
Witchy Woman 2cm W | 2 cm D | 7cm H
Cobblestone Bridge 8.25cm L | 4.5cm W | 4cm H
Raven Sign 4.5cm W | 4.5cm D | 9cm H

Can you keep a secret? We can't!