Heart's Ease Fairy

Beautifully hand painted Heart's EaseFlower Fairy figurine. Optional gold string and wire pick included for securing in your display. Individually packaged in its own window display box that includes a biography of the artist, Cicely Mary Barker.

The Song of the Heart's Ease Fairy

Like the richest velvet
(I've heard the fairies tell)
Grow the handsome pansies
within the garden wall
When you praise their beauty,
Remember me as well
Think of little Heart's-ease,
the brother of them all!

Come away and seek me
when the year is young,
Through the open ploughlands
beyond the garden wall;
Many names are pretty
and many songs are sung:

Mine - because I'm Heart's-ease
are prettiest of all!

Book: Flower Fairies of the Spring

Approximate height: 10 cm
Made from: poly resin.