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Hobbit Home - Solar

The Hobbit's House - and yes he's home! How do we know? Well every evening, when the sun goes down, his indoor light comes on with a soft glow.  If only we could peak inside!

This mysterious house has a tiny solar panel on its roof, and will automatically light up each evening at dusk. Just make sure it gets a little bit of sunlight during the day. It contains a rechargeable battery which can be replaced in time, if need be.

This is the only solar powered Hobbit House on the market in Australia, and our store display sold out before we finished the display!

Get your's now, perhaps with a couple of pixies or a rustic bench to complete the look.

Crafted from durable PolyResin, this item is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. We recommend a yearly coating of colourless water sealer to keep the paint looking its best.

25cm w | 12cm D | 14cm H

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