Midnight Creatures - Earth Fairy

Midnight Creatures

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The sun is setting and it’s time for an adventure. So switch off your light, turn on your torch and get ready to begin… Midnight Creatures A Pop-Up Shadow Search is just what it sounds like. This brand new pop-up title created by talented paper artist and engineer Helen Friel takes you on an adventure in the dark. All five scenes have beautiful layered habitats of different animals, each with it’s own theme. For example: The spread called The Night Birds contains round and leaf-like contours while The Dark Cave is a completely different theme with stalactites and stalagmites. All pop-up’s contain three layers and a printed legend with animals at the bottom. By pointing a flashlight at a pop-up, all three layers work together and reveal an amazing effect of dancing shadows projected on the wall. By moving the flashlight, the cut-out sections from the overlapping layers form animals that are projected into the shadow. This may sound easy but it feels a bit like a puzzle to find the right angle with the flashlight. A fun searching game that challenges the reader to find all animals in the legend.

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