Mulberry Fairy - Earth Fairy

Mulberry Fairy

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Beautifully hand painted Mulberry Flower Fairy figurine. Optional gold string and wire pick included for securing in your display. Individually packaged in its own window display box that includes a biography of the artist, Cicely Mary Barker.

Mulbery's Warning

Flower Fairies are happy to share their fruit with humans, but there is one condition. Humans should never take nature's bounty for granted and should always leave enough fruit on the trees to feed the fairies. This precaution will keep the fairies content and ensure good harvests in the future.

The Song of the Mulberry Fairy

"Here we go round the Mulberry bush!"
You remember the rhyme - oh yes!
But which of you know
How Mulberries grow
On the slender branches, drooping low?
Not many of you, I guess.

Someone goes round the Mulberry bush
When nobody's there to see;
He takes the best
And he leaves the rest,
From top to toe like a Mulberry drest:
This fat little fairy's he!

Book: Flower Fairies of the Trees

Approximate height: 8 cm

Made from: poly resin.

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