Primitive Carved Crow

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, this Primitive Faux Wood Carved Crow pays homage to the master of gruesome and is ready to take flight into the midnight sky! 

A resin crow, crafted with wood-sculpted characteristics, points its eyes and beak upward, with its chest lifted and detailed wings stretched back and close to its side. Sections of the exposed light faux wood show through its shabby paint job, giving it an antiquated appearance. It situates atop an elegant pedestal, which comes to a circular mound-like base. 

While Halloween legend characterizes the crow as a "mystic bird, a downright witches' bird, belonging to the Devil and other powers of the night," primitive folklore associates the feathered creature with luck and royalty. It is said that if a raven perches on your roof, it will bring good fortune to those within. 

Made of resin.

13.97 cm L x 7.62 cm W x 24.76 cm H