Red Clover Fairy

Beautifully hand painted Red Clover Flower Fairy figurine. Optional gold string and wire pick included for securing in your display. Individually packaged in its own window display box that includes a biography of the artist, Cicely Mary Barker.

Honey maker
The fragrant Red Clover fairy greets bees with a curtsey and obligingly invites them to sample red clover nectar. When her insect visitors have filled their honeybags, she politely bows and urges them to visit again soon. Her cheery charm ensures a steady supply of honey for the Flower Fairies.

The Song of the Red Clover Fairy

The Fairy: O, what a great big bee
Has come to visit me!
He's come to find my honey.
O, what a great big bee!

The Bee: O, what a great big Clover!
I'll search it well, all over,
And gather all its honey.
O, what a great big Clover!

Book: Flower Fairies of the Wayside

Material: Poly Resin
Dimensions: 7cm H