SoapRocks - Earth Fairy


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Soap reaches its consummation in SoapRocks bath soaps. They bring wonder to daily life, transforming the most mundane of tasks into an inspiring daily reminder of nature’s beauty.

Unlike keepsakes, which are put up on a pedestal and soon forgotten, the beauty of each SoapRock is magnified in action! Under water, lighting up with brilliant natural colour, their smooth stone-like texture will gently cleanse with a light lather, leaving your skin soft and refreshed.

Discover the ever-changing contours of SoapRocks bath soaps and let their beauty become you. Being free of animal products, petrochemicals and only tested on humans, this soap which makes up SoapRocks will leave your skin soft as silk.

SoapRocks bring a new level of enjoyment to hand washing, amazing you with their incandescent reflections whilst being used. They will continue to astonish you with their enigmatic fragrances and soft cleansing texture that leaves your hands feeling revitalized and relaxed!


Available in two sizes.  Palmstones (50-70g)

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