Stork's Bill Fairy

Beautifully hand painted Stork's Bill Flower Fairy figurine. Optional gold string and wire pick included for securing in your display. Individually packaged in its own window display box that includes a biography of the artist, Cicely Mary Barker.

The Song of the Stork's Bill Fairy

"Good morning, Mr Grasshopper!

Please stay and talk a bit!"
"Why yes, you pretty fairy;
Upon this grass I'll sit.
And let us ask some riddles;
They're better fun than chat:
Why am I like the Stork's-bill?
Come, can you answer that?" 

"Oh no, you clever Grasshopper!
I fear I am a dunce,
I cannot guess the answer - 
I give it up at once!"
"When children think they've caught me,
I'm gone, with a leap and a hop;
And when they gather Stork's-bill,
Why, all the petals drop!" 



Book: Flower Fairies of the Wayside

Material: Polyresin
Dimensions: 7cm