Earth Fairy

The Bluebird Cottage - Solar

Its hard to find a more charming fairy house than The Bluebird Cottage! Its cobblestoned walls just ooze character, and are so inviting that a lovely Bluebird has taken up residence upon the roof.  Its enchanted white wooden door sits below a four paned circular attic window.  The chimney is entwined with flowering vines and looks ready to billow smoke from a fire within... Perhaps the fairies have just put the kettle on?  

This fairy house is solar powered.  It has an LED light inside and its tiny solar panel (located at the rear of the house) will make sure it lights up each night at dusk.  It will really look like the fairies are inside, preparing their dinner then off to bed!

This charming house is also available in The Bluebird Fairy Garden Kit or companion pieces can be bought separately from our Bluebird Collection

Hand Painted PolyResin

21 x 18 x 21cm

Can you keep a secret? We can't!