The Enchanted Doll's House

by Robyn Johnson

For the child who loves dolls, for the adult who cherishes dolls, the most sumptuous celebration ever in an exquisite, multidimensional presentation, featuring pop-up period dollhouses, secret letters, hidden pictures and more.

Meet Albert and Lucinda, Kristen, Oscar, Hattie and more, enchanted dolls who inhabit a magical series of homes, from a Tudor mansion to a twentieth century villa, finding adventure and secrets to discover, dances to attend, and parties to give in each era. Can it be a surprise that over the many centuries a gentle romance has blossomed between Albert and Lucinda?

Pages are crammed with doll lore and historical detail. Lovingly rendered, highly detailed drawings of dolls, their clothing and furnishings, accessories and accoutrements grace each page and spread.

Each of the four dimensional dollhouses just begs for readers to peek through windows and doors or lift away the walls to find hidden details and characters.  Tactile treats are everywhere: journals to open, letters to pull out and read, jewellery boxes to explore, fabric to touch.and much, much more.

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