Tooth Fairy Kit

Loosing a tooth will become an extra exciting experience with this Tooth Fairy Kit! It contains one tooth fairy door, pot of glitter, tooth door hanger, tooth record and a tooth receipt.

Firstly, make a note on the tooth record of which tooth you've lost.  

Then find a special place in your home for your fairy door & secure it in place. Place your lost tooth inside the little pouch and leave it in front of the door with the receipt pad and glitter. Put your hanger on the bedroom door so the tooth fairy will know where to visit.

You will know if your fairy has been there as there will be a sprinkling of glitter by the door and a signed receipt confirming she received your tooth. Hopefully there will be a little surprise for you too!

This set is perfectly accompanied by the Tooth Fairy Coin which allows you to redeem your tooth for one wish!