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Tyre Swing Fairy

Playing - just what fairies love to do most and inspiration for us all. 

Just a glace at this Miniature Tire Swinging Josh Fairy Boy will fill you with innocence and take your mind to a nostalgic playground or grand backyard tree! 

This incredibly cheerful fairy is dressed in the perfect lightweight clothes for the sunny weather. He perfectly balances atop the dirty, aged tire, holding tight to its supporting brown vinyl cords. 

Just because fairies and gnomes are hundreds of years old, that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the simple and amusing pleasures of child-like activities! They still have young hearts! Tie its top remaining rope to a variety of trees and other elements, and let this swinging fairy bring life to terrariums, dioramas, and more! 

Hand Painted Polyresin

7cm L | 7cm H