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May 07, 2017 3 min read

Perhaps the most common question we are asked by our lovely Earth Fairy Society is, "How do I meet a fairy?".  We have compiled a list of hints and tricks to greatly improve your chances. Let us know any tips of your own!

Hint One - Choose Your Time Wisely
Fairies have an uncommon aversion to being spied upon at any time, but you can improve your chances greatly by taking advantage of the wonderful in between times at dawn and dusk. Of course, most fairy activity occurs at night, but the difficulty in viewing them in a dark environment means we have substantially fewer sightings at that time. Conversely, lying in wait as night turns to dawn is bound to bring rewards to the patient observer...  

Hint Two - Find a Peaceful Environment
Country gardens are a common haven for modern fairies, who tend to shy away from the busy urban habitats we tend to live in. That's why it is so important to ensconce our fairy gardens in a sheltered, even camouflaged position in our yards. It helps the fairies feel safe and relaxed and encourages them to frolic freely.

Hint Three - Encourage Visits from Children
Fairies are children of the Earth, and they revel in the energy that our own children bring to their environment. You will find a spirit of joy in any garden where fairies have regular visits from the other wee folk in our lives.

Hint Four - The Rule of One
Fairies are hardly ever, ever seen by more than one person at a time. Fairy viewing is an activity best undertaken individually.  

Hint Five - Avert Your Gaze
Many of us have seen fairies but not perhaps realised it. As they tend to avoid a direct gaze, they are often seen just out of the corner of one's eye. A flickering light in the shadows of the garden is almost always an indication that the fae are active nearby.

Hint Six - Fine Tune Your Senses
We encourage new fairy hunters to start their journey on a still, windless day.  It will be all the more easy to hear the tinker of tiny fairy bells or feel the gentle touch of a fairy breeze on the skin. You may also be graced with the vision of ripples on water, a sure sign that fairies are nearby. Takes these signs as an opportunity to settle in, as close to the ground as possible, and observe unobtrusively as you rest.

Hint Seven - Embrace Wildness
Not just your own... although, that's essential too. But in this case, we mean your garden. Leave a section to be rampaged by the weeds, be lax with the pruning, and allow nature to run its course.  The fairies are free and wild and they love their environment to be that way too.

Hint Eight - Sing
Or if you prefer, play music. All music brings with it a spirit of joy, and the fairies feed off this as much as any other part of the environment.  Sing with an open heart, or simply soak in a favourite masterpiece - either way, the fairies will be blessed with your spirit of creativity and imagination.

Hint Nine - Leave a Little Sparkle
Entice your fairy with an offering... sparkly if possible. Fairies are delighted with all objects bright and beautiful, and if a special treasure goes missing in your home, you can be assured it has been taken as a token by a mischievous fairy. Fairy dust, ocean shells, crystals and gems are all irresistible to the wee folk, so leaving an assortment of these items out will be particularly enticing for them.

And finally, Hint Ten - Remember What Is Important
Embrace what you feel rather than what you know.  You are more likely to have your encounter with fairies confirmed by the goosebumps on your skin, that a vision before your eyes. You have been blessed with their presence, and that is an experience you can keep in your heart without further confirmation needed.


Earth Fairy

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