Flower Garden Fairies - The Ultimate Collection

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The complete Flower Garden Fairy Collection!! This set will enable you to completely populate your fairy garden with every selection from our most popular range, the Flower Garden Fairies.

 The set includes

  • Sitting Fairy with Butterfly on Foot
  • Sitting Fairy with Frog
  • Set of 3 Fairies Sitting on Mushrooms
  • Fairy Standing with Unicorn
  • Fairy Sleeping on a Unicorn
  • Elf Sitting with Squirrel
  • Elf Sitting with Bird
  • Green Standing Elf
  • Fairy Sitting with Ladybird
  • Fairy Sitting with Frog
  • Fairy Sitting with Snail
  • Fairy Lying with Bird
  • Set of 2 Fairies Sitting on a Branch
  • Gumnut Fairy with Butterfly
  • Gumnut Fairy with Wattle Blossom Wand
  • Gumnut Fairy Sleeping on a Gumnut
  • Gumnut Fairy with Bilby

That's a total of 20 fairies, to instantly complete your fairy garden.

Colours may vary.

Crafted from durable PolyResin, and hand painted, this item is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. We recommend a yearly coating of colourless water sealer to keep the paint looking its best.

Sitting Fairies 6.5cm H
Standing Fairies 10cm H

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