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How to Make a Fairy Garden - Step by Step - Earth Fairy


Congratulations! You’re on your way to creating your own curious, mystical, otherworldly garden…  One of the most wonderful aspects of fairy gardening is the ability to create your very own magical world in your garden or patio.  Here is a checklist full of tips and secrets to make the most of your own project.


Location, Location, Location...

If you are blessed with a garden, its time to go exploring!  Your fairies will appreciate a protected area, safe from prying pets but easily accessed.  Many fairy gardens benefit from the addition of solar powered fairy houses and accessories, so consider finding a spot that has the benefit of at least some daylight.  You’ll be treated to a magical night time display if your fairy garden can be viewed from your windows.

How to Make a Fairy Garden - Location, location, location - Earth Fairy


Container Options

If you’re not creating your fairy community in the garden, consider a container garden.  Old wheelbarrows, large flower pots and vegetable troughs are all great vessels for your creativity.  There are also a great range of speciality containers available in our Earth Fairy store. Container gardens are great – they can be moved to wherever your favourite spot is – near the front door to greet visitors is a fun location.  Need more inspiration?  Check out of list of creative containers you can source from your local flea market.



Consider Scale 

Keep in mind the classic miniature scale of 1:24. Measured in the imperial system, this means that 1/2 an inch in your fairy world equals one foot in true life. Consider then that a 3 inch fairy figurine is equivalent to a grown adult. And therefore the arbour in your garden that towers 250cm tall would only stand barely 12 cm high in the miniature world. You’ll soon become familiar with what scale will best suit your garden, but its best to pay close attention to scale when you first look for treasures for your garden.  1:12 and 1:24 are the most common scales used in fairy gardening, and either will look amazing as long as you are consistent.


Fairy Houses - Earth Fairy 

Choose a Home...

Possibly the most enchanting step in the process of creating your fairy garden is choosing a home for your garden fairies.  We stock a magical range of solar fairy houses, that will light up each evening at dusk for a truly enchanting display.  For shadier spots, perhaps consider another abode, a tent, a tee pee, even a pumpkin!  Some fairy homes have there own little opening door - others have a battery operated LED light to create a little mystery!



 Like Attracts Like...

The most valuable rule of bringing the fairies out to your garden – like attracts like!  Placing fairies around your garden, will encourage your fairies to find comfort and enjoy the little world you are creating for them.  Choose a beautiful fairy that speaks to your heart, then set about creating the world they need around them. 


Fairies - like attracts like - Earth Fairy


Fairy Pets - Earth Fairy

Fun with Accessories

Continue theming your garden with our outstanding range of accessories.  We have fairy tea party accessories, fairy food, tables, chairs, and play equipment.  Many people love to provide pets or their fairies.