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Gift of Seeds Cards

These creative cards combine a love of gardening with a flair for design to produce a product that delights green thumbs and novice gardeners alike. Our Gifts of Seeds are designer, eco-friendly gifts which cleverly combine a greeting card with a packet of seeds to form a gift that grows. Products are made in Australia using environmentally-friendly materials including 100% recycled paper. 

The Seeds
Our seeds are non-hybrid, open pollinated, non GMO varieties sourced from Australian suppliers. Seeds should be stored in a cool, dry place and should remain viable for many years if stored correctly.

The Environment
We believe in the gifting of products which don’t end up in landfill. Our Gifts of Seeds have a purpose, which is to grow into a beautiful flower or herb to be enjoyed for many months after the initial gifting. Watching a seed germinate and slowly grow into a beautiful plant is a wonder and a joy. Our Gifts of Seeds are meaningful, guilt free and inexpensive. A gift with purpose and one which keeps on giving. Sow ‘n Sow’s Gifts of Seeds are printed in Australia on 100% post consumer waste recycled card. The card is compostable and recyclable, and the plant labels which are included with each Gift of Seeds are also recyclable.