Now available: THE MERMAID HANDBOOK and THE UNICORN HANDBOOK by Faerie Magazine editor-in-chief Carolyn Turgeon, and THE FAERIE HANDBOOK by Carolyn Turgeon, Grace Nuth, and the editors of Faerie Magazine. 

Wendy Froud says of THE FAERIE HANDBOOK: “This utterly charming, absolutely beautiful book gives insight into so very many aspects of Faerie. I almost wish I could come to it not knowing much about faeries; it would then be an amazing voyage of discovery.

Even with my knowledge, I was still surprised and enchanted! I love it!” Charles de Lint says: “I can see this having the same impact on a new generation of readers as Brian Froud and Alan Lee’s Faeries did way back in 1978. It’s brimful of everything faerie, from gorgeous art to any number of fascinating tidbits of lore, with plenty of hands-on projects to while away the winter months.”

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