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Earth Fairy is a family-run business, nestled in the beautiful hills of Kalamunda, Western Australia. Our range of fairy accessories and costumes have been inspired by the local animals and wildflowers as well as the beautiful, joyous, wild, and colourful surroundings we have been blessed with.

We, at Earth Fairy, have the most extensive collection of fairy garden fairies and fairy garden decorating products including fairy figurines, fairy friends, classic fairies, flower fairies, garden fairies, petsfurniture, fairy housesfairy doors and windowsfairy costumes, crowns, books, stationeries, gift cards, accessories for seasonal and special occasions, and more.

Whether you wish to bring some magic into your adorable fairy garden, dress upyour kids in cute fairy costumes and accessories, or simply find those miniature pets irresistible—Earth Fairy has got you covered. Not only do we have a collection that will delight and inspire you, our fairy garden accents and decorations will take you back to the magical experiences of your childhood.

At Earth Fairy, we want our kids finding joy in simple, everyday pleasures and appreciating the blessings surrounding them. We want to see our adored children get their hands dirty exploring gardens, and running wild and free in the open air!

At Earth Fairy, we have been successful in winning the hearts of fairy garden loving Australians, and growing at a healthy, steady pace. All of our products are of the highest quality, perfectly suited for outdoor use, and come in a vast array of colors and sizes. We are always working hard to provide a huge variety and dimensions to all aspects of our products. To keep up with that promise, we source all of our products from the best wholesalers across Australia and the world.

Here, at Earth Fairy, we truly believe in delivering exceptional service and experiences to our valued customers.  All our fairy customers are offered great competitive prices.

At Earth Fairy, all of our customers are entitled to fairy VIP treatment. We take extra precaution when it comes to packaging our items for shipping, and if for some unfortunate reason, your goods arrive broken, contact us promptly within 48 hours for damage claims.

In addition, please check out the blogs section of our website for great fairy garden ideas and inspiration. There you’ll find useful and inspiring articles that include how to create a fairy garden outdoors, cute fairy garden pictures sent by our customers, landscaping ideas involving fairy gardens, how to make a fairy garden house, and so much more.  If you like DIY projects, we have you covered. We have posted great DIY fairy garden ideas such as how you can make a nice fairy garden on containers and other popular outdoor fairy garden ideas.

We love seeing our beautiful items going to loving homes and nothing makes us feel special when you take your time to share photos of your gardens with us. Send us your lovely photos at info@earthfairy.com.au, and let us remind you—don’t EVER HESITATE to send them!

You can also share your wonderful thoughts and ideas on our Facebook page.  

We sincerely thank you for visiting our humble store and hope that our fairy items bring you a lot of joy to you and loved ones as much as they do to us.


Happy fairy gardening, folks!