Tiny Fairy Packages

Send someone a Tiny Fairy Package today! Be silly, romantic, or witty and whimsical. Your lucky recipient will delight in each exquisite detail. And they'll remember the fantastic sight of their World's Smallest Package for years to come. Ordering is super-easy! Each tiny gift is wrapped in a crumpled edition of The Small Times newspaper and includes a small note.  Choose your gift from our collection:

  • Button You're cute as a...
  • Ball You put a bounce in my step
  • Flowers Happy Birthday!
  • Spinning Top You're tops. Happy Birthday!
  • Soccer Ball It's your birthday! Have a ball.
Your Tiny Fairy Package has From and To written on top, ready for you to personally address it.  It also includes:
  • "Via Airmail" and "Special Delivery" stamped by hand in red ink.
  • "Fragile - TINY - Handle with Care" and "This Side Up" stickers.
  • White twine.

Not patient enough to address it yourself?  Choose our Custom Fairy Package option, and we will address it for you.  Includes postage to your desired recipient.

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